SesamTV Media Center

SesamTV Media Center 3.0

Developer SesamTV

Free Media Center to enjoy all your PC medias on the TV set.

Sony Image Data Suite

Sony Image Data Suite 3.2

Developer Sony Corporation

There are 3 apps: Image Data Convertor, Lightbox and Remote Camera Control.

Omniquad Instant Remote Control

Omniquad Instant Remote Control 2.2

Developer Tech Assist, Inc.

Instant Remote Control - easy remote control solution for Windows based networks.

PC Remote Control

PC Remote Control 4.0

Developer American Systems


Remote Control Center With PIC


Intelliremote 2.8

Developer Melloware

It allows to combine work with all remote control devices in one center.

Remote Control Center

Remote Control Center 4.0

Developer Didier LIROULET

Remote Control Center 4.0 is a utility that manages and controls remote sessions.

Control Center Lite-D

Control Center Lite-D 1.2

Developer WEBGATE Inc.

A managing software that can control max 16 units installed in remote area.

Remote Control Manager

Remote Control Manager 9.0


Remote Control Manager is a complete solution for storing all IT devices in one centrally managed da...


iTALC 2.0

Developer iTALC Solutions

iTALC is a useful and powerful didactical tool for teachers.

Phone Remote Control

Phone Remote Control 5.2


Phone Remote Control is a true universal remote control.

IrDA Remote Control

IrDA Remote Control 1.5

Developer Sphinx Software

IrDA Remote Control - Allows controlling your media player/center.

AOR-3000A Remote Control Center

AOR-3000A Remote Control Center 4.0

Developer Brother Industries, Ltd.

AR-3000A Remote Control Center

AR-3000A Remote Control Center 4.0

Developer Willem Spaans

MBH Remote Control Center Client

MBH Remote Control Center Client 2.0

Developer MBH Automatisering


Remote Control Center With PIC


Songler 2.1

Developer MillieSoft

Songler (formerly SpotifyMCE) is a fantastic add-in for Windows Media Center .

Rcon Security - Remote Control Center

Rcon Security - Remote Control Center 2.2

Developer N.E.S.T. Srl


EasyMote 1.2


EasyMote enables you to remote control your Media Portal or Windows Media Center.

OS-easy Remote Control Center (RCC)

OS-easy Remote Control Center (RCC) 1.0

Developer OsEasy

Virtual Remote Machine Client

Virtual Remote Machine Client 1.8

Developer MikeH.Admin

VMRCplus is a tool for both configuration management of Virtual Server.

Comet Labs USB MFP Server Control Center Plus Remote Connect Center

Comet Labs USB MFP Server Control Center Plus Remote Connect Center 1.1

Developer Comet Labs

OS-easy Remote Control Center

OS-easy Remote Control Center 2.2

Developer OsEasy

Ceton My Media Center

Ceton My Media Center 13.2

Developer Ceton Corporation

It allows you to manage and control your Windows Media Center PC.

Remote Potato Live TV

Remote Potato Live TV 1.1

Developer Myfrem

Client for remotely controlling and viewing your windows 7 media center.


Flirc 1.3

Developer, Inc.

Flirc allows you to pair any remote control with your computer or media center.

System Center Remote Control

System Center Remote Control 1.0

Developer Default Manufacturer